Music Industry and Photography

Music Photography is the specialized photography of events related to music and concerts. It encompasses photography of an artist or band and also extensive coverage of a live concert. Music photos are very popular with music fans and they often translate to sales. It’s a small yet crucial commercial enterprise that supports heavily in part of the efforts of many contemporary photographers. Music photography includes shots of musical performances, group shots, interviews, group pictures, group props, and album covers.

This type of photography has grown in popularity over the last decade and more specifically has become a commercial activity for many music photographers. They use concert photography to create and print promotional photographs that complement their other work. Such professionals have a wide selection of professional models and settings to choose from to create the best photograph for each client.

One of the main issues with this type of photography is working with bands that rarely, if ever, agree to have their portraits taken or agreed to poses. Often times, a band will require the services of a music photographer during a concert or tour because some members are always traveling. Other bands may prefer not to be photographed at all and would rather concentrate on their music and performance. In addition, certain bands like to use professional models to enhance their image. Regardless of what the band wants, a professional photographer can often find a way to shoot the group in a way that highlights its unique qualities while still providing the crowd with great shots.

Today’s concert or event photographer needs to use creative thinking and innovative tools to capture his or her images and create the kind of impact that will lead to increased sales and more business. For example, one photographer at a recent gig created a stunning series of photographs using a combination of stills, video, and social media. The photographs were used on the concert program, on promotional materials, and even as photos in a viral marketing campaign. Using the right photography tools and a cutting-edge social media strategy, a music photographer can create a powerful social media presence that increases the band’s visibility and fan base while also increasing its bottom line.

The key to a successful concert or event photography session lies in the music photographer’s ability to collaborate with the band and their staff. This will enable the professional to stay abreast of the band’s schedule and spot upcoming events, such as gigs, festival appearances, or charity events. This will also allow the photographer to take advantage of the opportunity to photograph specific aspects of the band and the audience. For example, an overlooked feature of a band’s music can be a song choice that has stood out for the band but may be missing from a concert program. By collaborating with the band and their staff, a good music photographer can plan photo shoots around these songs and incorporate them into the overall package. As well, by keeping in regular contact with the bands, both artist and photographer can build a strong rapport that can be mutually beneficial.

A social media strategy can also be applied to music photography. Concert promoters can request photographs from different angles at the shows. Photographers on the road with bands can also post photos online using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as they travel, allowing fans to see the latest shots from their favorite artists. Staying in touch with their social media followers is one way for artists to ensure that they are constantly bringing new and exciting images to their fans, and the fans are able to get in on the action by seeing their favorite artist as they are brought to every show. Tours can also benefit from the social media aspect of photography because it gives fans a chance to see the band in its daily life, rather than just seeing them during a concert or tour.

Another aspect of music photography important to artists is image licensing. Many music photographers will work with recording labels to provide exclusive licenses for the pictures. Photographer Simon Zackary also offers his services to individual artists to promote their music as a service. This allows the artist to have an image that can be used for marketing purposes. However, some photographers will work exclusively with musicians or groups and will not sign deals with other businesses or individuals. These professionals will create professional-looking photographs that are designed to benefit the artist.

As a music photographer, you need to be creative in your approach to the job. Creating a strong networking system with various people in the music industry is imperative, so you will always be able to stay in contact with your clients and the artist’s family. The client base for these photographers is vast, and you will never run out of topics to photograph. By staying connected, you will also build relationships with those in the industry who may someday become your clients in the future. By being an active member of the music industry, a music photographer will find the best ways to capture live concerts and events for years to come, and develop a strong client base for future projects.

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